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staining a primed floor

How to Paint Your Basement Floor: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Scrub the floor with a detergent and water mixture, using a heavy brush. Your floor must be free of grime for the paint to stick. Mop the entire floor with clean water and let the surface dry. Repair cracks or other imperfections in the floor using a concrete patch kit and trowel. Kits are available at home-improvement stores.

can i stain white primed composite doors - outdoor wpc floor

Gel Staining Fiberglass Doors. How to use Gel Stains. - YouTube 16 Dec 2012 How to gel stain a fiber glass door to make it look just like it was a wood door. Does Gel Stain work for touch up on a fiber glass door the has a few.. Is it possible to stain over the white semi-gloss that we painted the doors...

How to Paint Pressure-Treated Wood - Bob Vila

Having primed the wood—and having allowed sufficient time for the primer to dry (it should take no more than a day)—move on to applying your top coats.. consider staining the pressure.

How to Stain Ceramic Tile: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Apply the stain evenly on the tile surface using a clean roller brush. Do the same up and down motion as when you applied the primer and also work in small sections. For the finishing strokes, work in one direction from top to bottom to smooth out the surface. Let the stain dry for at least 6 hours before applying the next coat.

Painted Wood Floors, Everything You Need To Know

There are pee stains on the floor, along with dried paint, uneven stains, worn spots, the floors are scratched, a real mess, the house is 1940’s. I tried sanding the spots & reapplying stain, but to no avail, so I thought I would paint the floor, laminate would be too expensive ( hubby wants to do it) So I sand the floor & go to a DYI store.

How to Stain a Wooden Floor (pro method for DIY) - YouTube

In this video I demonstrate the basic method of staining a wooden floor. Starting from the back of the room (furthest away from the door), staining 3 boards at a time (not more than a full arms.

How to Stain over Paint: 12 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Stains are a great way to give flooring, furniture, and other objects added warmth. If you're applying stain to a previously painted object, you don't have to strip the paint first. Gel stains can adhere over painted objects without damaging the color or chipping off over time.

Staining Over Painted Wood - Five Star Painting

Wood is an exceptionally strong and durable material, used in the production of furnishings and flooring, for use both indoors and outdoors. In order to withstand the test of time and increase the aesthetic appeal of this organic material, a finish must be applied with options including either paint or stain.

How to Paint Over an Oil Stain | Home Guides | SF Gate

Tape along the floor adjacent to the baseboard. 4. Apply a coat of stain-blocking primer to the surface using a paintbrush. Allow the primer to dry for the amount of time recommended by the.

How To Stain Garage Floors - Sherwin-Williams

Unpainted concrete garage floors. 1. Prepare the surface by removing foreign substances. Scrape off any surface debris, such as putty, oil, old chipped paint and dirt. 2. Apply H&C® Shield-Crete Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating according to label directions. 3. Apply H&C® Shield-Crete® Garage Floor Epoxy according to label directions. A test.

Paint or Stain – What is the difference | Pitney Painting Company

107 Hickory Street Absecon, N.J. 08201, USA Phone: 609-645-8984 Fax: 609-645-2740 Email: [email protected]

How to Paint Wood Floors to Look Like You Stained Them | eHow

Apply a coat of primer to seal the previous layers of stain from bleeding into the paint. The primer also has an added benefit of creating a tighter bond to the paint than with stained wood alone. Apply the primer to the side of the floor that is opposite the entrance first, to avoid boxing yourself in. Use a brush to apply it around the walls.

Does Plywood Need a Primer? | eHow

Primer penetrates the porous surface of plywood, which is the same thing penetrating stains do. Primer will cause the stain to remain on the surface and prevent the plywood from attaining the desired coloration. Unlike paint, stain is available only in a limited range of shades.

Painting Concrete Floors? Follow These 3 Key Steps | Bob Vila

STEP 2: Prime and Paint. Priming before you paint concrete floors helps ensure that your new look will stick. Select a primer that’s compatible with both concrete and the epoxy paint that you.

How to Paint Wood Floors

Read this article to find out how to paint a wood floor in your home using oil-based porch and floor paint.

How To: Prep Wood For Stain | The Craftsman Blog

As for how to apply stain properly, it’s pretty easy. You wipe it on and wipe it right off. Apply a generous amount of stain to the floor or project and work it into the grain and then wipe it right off. Don’t leave any puddles or wet spots. Wipe it with a clean rag until the surface is relatively smooth.

Preparing Decks For Stain or Paint - Tips From Sherwin-Williams

Follow these guidelines for cleaning and sanding decks to prepare for applying stains and paints. Before you apply stain, make sure the surface is clean (no dust, dirt, wood fibers or grease), dry and free from mildew. When a surface is not clean, stains and other finishes have trouble sticking and may end up peeling. 1.

How to Choose and Use Primer: Drywall & Paint

Three painting pros recommend the best primer paint to solve common painting problems, including stains on walls, moisture damage and old painted surfaces.

How to Apply Primer | How to Prep Wood For Stain | How to Use.

SOLID STAIN. As we mentioned above, once you have applied a primer to your exterior wood, the best way to ensure a “job well done” is to use a solid stain. Solid stains provide a completely opaque, paint-like appearance on your wood. Storm System offers two solid stains: the Acrylic Stain with Enduradeck Technology, and a 100% Acrylic Stain.

How to Use Satin Latex Paint on Wood Floors | Home Guides | SF Gate

How to Use Satin Latex Paint on Wood Floors. Painted wood floors are making a comeback in popularity. You can paint the floor one color, make a design or create any kind of custom floor with satin.

How to Stain Wood & Wood Staining Tips | Minwax

Minwax® stains are available in two formats: water or oil-based. Use the guidelines below to help decide whether to use an oil-based or water-based stain on your next project: Oil-Based Stains. Give you a longer working time, enabling you to stain floors, cabinets, paneling and doors without the worry of dried lap marks.

Vinyl Floors Stains - The Family Handyman

Stains occasionally bleed up through vinyl floors, and may have several causes, including chemicals in the adhesive. Here's how you can tell if this is what's causing the stain and what you can do about it. “Bottom-up” staining like this is probably due to the adhesive that was used. If you have.

Do You Have to Use a Primer for Self-Adhesive Flooring? | eHow

Primer will also help prevent discoloring of your floor caused by knots or stains in the wood. Types of Primer Often the primer used for peel-and-stick tiles is thinned for the first coat, so it fills the pores of the subfloor surface, allowing the adhesive on the back of the tiles to form a tight bond.

How to Paint a Concrete Floor | how-tos | DIY

Adding a skim coat is important because it will strengthen the floor, and when colored, acts as a primer coat for the second hand-trowelled coat of finish. How to Pour a Concrete Floor Learn how to pour a concrete floor for a masculine feel to a bathroom.

Should You Prime a Wood Porch Floor Before Painting? | Home Guides | SF.

Priming also blocks internal oils, resins and stains from soaking up through the paint. Products to Use. Prime the wood porch floor with a wood-specific primer. Read and follow your chosen primer.

Concrete Patch Staining – How to Fix Color Variations - The Concrete.

Get a professional to work with the stains to match the original color. Fill the hole with concrete, then grind down the entire floor and cover it with a microtopping (see Decorative Concrete Overlays). Next, restain and seal the entire floor. Since money is an issue, try your best with a patch and use a throw rug to cover the area.

Can You Stain or Paint a Composite Deck? | Decks

Begin to apply the primer along the length of the planks. Note: Consider a roller with an extension handle to save you some back pain. Wait about two hours for the primer to dry, or whatever timetable the product label calls for. Step 5: Paint it Once the primer is fully dry, you can pour your outdoor porch paint into the roller tray and get to.

How to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor | Hunker

As you can see, acid staining gives a really mottled finish, inconsistently coloring the floor throughout, which is the appeal. Acid-stained surfaces are ideal for any location. They are perfect for restaurants and many retail locations but can also be eye catching for your home.

How To Stain Old Concrete | The Complete Guide

Use a small test area before staining all of the concrete. You want to pick an out of the way area, such as a closet if you are staining an old concrete basement floor. You want to acid stain just a few square inches of concrete and see what the result is.

The Absolute Best Primer for Pet Odors, Stains and Glossy Surfaces.

I’ll clean, then sand and stain the steps, but the bedroom floor was cleaned and sealed. There are many opinions for sealing odors, but BIN primer by Zinnser is the absolute best! BIN primer is a shellac based primer with superior stain blocking, odor blocking and adherence properties.

Staining Wood Moulding Tips - (Crown, Baseboard, and Casing) - YouTube

DIY Wood Stains. Staining & Clear Coating Interior Wood Trim. How to stain wood windows. - Duration: 7:00. Paint Life TV 126,196 views

7 Things to Know Before You Refinish Hardwood Floors

That's because unlocking a sad floor's hidden beauty doesn't always involve messy sanding and staining, particularly if yours aren't damaged. To decide the best solution that works for your home, here are seven things to consider before renewing or refinishing old hardwood floors.

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